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About Our Products

Our gear is made of aircraft quality aluminum and anodized in black. We make kits for the Sony FS7, FS700, EX1, EX1R, EX3. We also make mounting brackets and hoods for the Odyssey 7Q+. All products are 100% guaranteed. Contact us at or call 603-383-9283 EST. We are happy to do a Skype call, email us to set a time. We ship worldwide with Fed Ex.

Odyssey Hood

Odyssey Hood
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Price: $150.00
Product ID : Odyssey Hood
Weight: 1.50 lbs



The Odyssey Hood Options are available through the pull down menu choices. Choose either the 8 inch Sun Hood, the 4 inch Sun Hood, both Hoods or just the plastic moulded Screen Protector. NEW!! As resquested we now have a smaller 4 inch fabric Sun Hood choice. If you already have our Odyssey Hood with the 8 inch Sun Hood and would like to order just the 4 inch fabric hood, email us at  

You must have the plastic moulded hood to use the 4 inch (or 8 inch) fabric Sun Hood.

This is a 2 part system.  The first part is a sturdy plastic hood moulded to fit the Odyssey that mounts with 4 4x8mm screws. It covers the top and sides on the Odyssey. 

You can have thumbscrews if you like but we think you will want to leave the hood on with the four screws. If you would like thumbscrews, just make a note to me when you check out in Paypal or send me an email to

The hood protects your screen and it also makes viewing in strong light much better. The Odyssey screen is vulnerable both on the camera and when transporting. 

The second part is a plastic reinforced Velvet hood that velcroes to the small hood. It splits open easily to make the touch screen easy to use. If you use a tablet stylus you don't need to pop the bottom of this hood open. You can put your face right up to the hood and squeeze it to shape it so there is very little outside light let in, great for critical focus. 

The plastic inner hood is $100.00 and the velvet outer hood is $50.00. You need the plastic inner hood to use the velvet outer hood. You can use the plastic screen protector on its own. To choose just the screen protector, click on the pull down options when you order.


OD7 hood 4 inch style

Odyssey HoodOdyssey Hood both parts

This photo shows the Odyssey with the long velvet hood attached to the plastic screen protector short hood.

Odyssey Hood bottom open

This photo shows the how the bottom opens in the velvet long hood.

Odyssey Hood Plastic Inner HoodOdyssey Hood Plastic Screen Protector

This photo shows the sturdy plastic screen protector/short hood and how it attaches to the Odyssey 7Q.


Odyssey Hood Plastic Inner Hood

Here is the Odyssey with the screen protector hood only.

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